My Story

{ABOUT JDK} In the process of developing my company, I've had to face the challenge of reinventing myself on an as needed basis. I received a BFA degree with a focus in Computer Graphics from the University of Massachusetts. For my thesis project I developed a line of clay characters and created a short clay animation with the intention that I would someday work for Disney. My days were long, as each movement for my video took ten to twelve frames per second to record and playback. I developed patience, stamina and perseverance.

The bulk of my post college days were spent at the American Museum of Natural History where I worked in the Licensing and Retail Division developing products for the Museums' stores and its Licensing partners. I had the opportunity to work with the most brilliant scientists, educators and development and marketing strategists in the world. I learned the true meaning of collaboration, communication and creativity.

About 11 years ago, my husband and I started a family. It was a beautiful milestone that changed my outlook on time, productivity and the meaning of multi-tasking forever. I began creating art that told a story and had a purpose, whenever I had time to. Stationery for friends with new babies, birth announcements, birthday invitations, give-aways and Corporate gifts. It is unusual to have a creative mind and a business sense, but by combining my two strengths JDK Design, Inc. was born. 

JDK DESIGN, INC is a full service Creative Services Company, offering personal attention to each job, whether large or small.